Photo credit: Joshua Pelta-Heller
Dancers: Amelia Hernandez, Olive Prince,
Jennifer Morley, Elba Hevia y Vaca, and KC Chun 
for "1096" created in collaboration with


freshblood Repertory

 “kite body longing”, (2018, in development)



“Architecture of Twinness”, (2018, in development)






“soft fissures: jagged spine”, (2018, in development)







“1096″, (2013)

35 minutes. Collaboration with Pasión y Arte Flamenco Co.  Original Composition by Raphael Brunn.  Musical Collaboration with Sevillan Cantador Ismael de la Rosa.  Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts/Fleisher Art Memorial.  City Hall Presents, Community Education Center. Philadelphia, PA. Photo by Joshua Pelta-Heller

“Saltwater Sallies”, (2012 )

13 minutes, Duet.  Evening of Duets/Community Education Center, Norristown DanceFest 2012, Live Arts/Philadelphia Fringe Festival, InHale Series at Chi Movement Arts Center, Philadelphia, PA. Photo by Rachel Boscov.


“Graduation Day”, (2011) 

20 minutes, Trio. WorkSpace at The Laundry, Between the Bones Studio Theater, Denver, CO. Photo by Heather Gray


“super”, (2011): 8 minutes, Solo. Original Costume Design.  Cool New York Dance Festival 2011, NY.  Between the Bones Studio Theater, CO. 


“Rebound Theory”, (2010) 

38 minutes, 5 dancers.  Original Costume Design.  NeXus/University of Colorado at Boulder, CO.  Between the Bones Studio Theater, Denver, CO.



“PRIVY”, (2009): 10 minutes, Duet. Original Music by William Joseph Murphy; Original Costume Design and Set.  NeXus/University of Colorado at Boulder.  


“Power the People”, (2008) 

 11 minutes, 5 dancers.  Original Music by Andre Bálàzs.  Dairy Center for the Arts, Boulder, CO. Photo by Thomas Sundro Lewis



“Mapping Genesis”, (2007): 9 minutes, Solo. Original Spoken Text and Score.  First Weekends Artist, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Brooklyn, NY.  Aspen Dance Connection, Grand Junction, CO.  The Packing House Center for the Performing Arts, Denver, CO.


“swells”, (2006) 

6 minutes, Trio. Original Costume. Dairy Center for the Arts, CO.  DUMBO Dance Festival 2006, NY.  Merce Cunningham Studio, NY.


“Fluffy and Strings-A-Lot”, (2005)

17 minutes, Duet.  Original Costume Design by Karmenlara Ely.  Studio 47 Series,Trinity College, CT.  Spoke the Hub, Brooklyn, NY.  Merce Cunningham Studio, NY.





“a dieux”, (2004) 

4 minutes, Solo.  Dairy Center for the Arts, CO. Merce Cunningham Studio, NY.  Williamsburg Art Nexus, NY.  





“No Treading”, (2004) 

11 minutes, Trio.  Score by John Toenjes and Ken Beck.  Merce CunninghamStudio, NY.  Studio Theater, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts (KCPA), IL.



“Precipice”, (2001): 8 minutes, Trio.  Original Score by Andre Bálàzs, Alan Gruber,  Mantana Roberts and Jane Wong.  Studio 47 Series, Trinity College, CT.  

“Kitchen”, (2000): 10 minutes, Quartet.  Score by Andre Bálàzs and Leith Sharp.  Zeitgeist Art Gallery, MA.  Mobius Works in Progress, Boston, MA.

“Prime”, (2000): 6 minutes, Duet/Trio.  Somerville Museum, MA.  Massachusetts School of the Arts, MA.  Mobius Works in Progress, Boston, MA.

“cell”, (1999) 

13 minutes




“Feral Women”, (1999): 10 minutes, Duet.  Original Set Design.  Studio 47 Series, Trinity College, CT.  Drink To  This!, Hartford, CT.

“First Breath, Outta Breath”, (1991): 5 minutes, Quartet.  Trinity College, CT.  Choreographic Honors at ACDFA, Maine.